Dwarf Gold English Yew - Taxus baccata 'Goldener Zwerg'

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A relatively new miniature garden plant that has become a new favorite! Let me count the ways: 

  1. The foliage stays compact and tight. 

  2. It's smaller than the "normal" yews that we are "yews-to" seeing :o)

  3. It's a great shape for almost any miniature garden, it's a narrow column of green goodness.

  4. The foliage texture is completely different and it's a great contrast with any other conifer. 

  5. It changes color throughout the seasons. (The golden yellow foliage in spring lasts through the summer, then turns a rich, dark green for the colder months. In the winter, its "winter blush" is silver. The new growth in spring emerges a shade of red. Yummy.)

  6. It's tough. This new yew is hardy to -20F

  7. It's a slow-growing yew at a few inches per year. Light pruning will help keep the overall form in check - if necessary.

  8. Great for containers, Yews don't mind their roots cramped. 

  9. Growing details below... :o) 

August 2022: Plants are about 8" tall. - J. 

  • Wonderful texture, the leaves perch like flower petals
  • Colors change to silver in the cold temperatures
  • Dwarf growth rate 3 to 6" per year
  • Cold zones 5-8 or to -20F
  • Heat zones 8 - 7
  • Cool sun to part shade, watch the hot summer sun if in a container
  • Plant in cool sun to part shade. Cool sun means eastern sun, or dappled sun.
  • Regular water if in a pot, let dry out to damp in between to avoid over-watering
  • Comes in a 4" pot
  • An outdoor plant



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From Susan in ND:

"Little jewels from my order arrived today. Thank you all for all you do to preserve, protect and promote these little treasures. It is obvious how much work it takes to track and pack, so thank you so much. Purchases from you over the last ten years are summer time delights in my life. Thank you!"