Fairy Plant: Miniature Hardy Primrose 'Brownie' - Primula auricula 'Brownie'

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How sweet these are! New to our inventory, we're tickled to have miniature, hardy primroses to offer you. You've probably seen the "regular" primroses each spring but the Primula family is HUGE - and these are the hardy miniature varieties that you'll enjoy all year long. Perfect for the fairy garden! 

The "big" spoon-shaped leaves offer a completely different texture for the miniature garden bed. They are evergreen too, so you'll be able to appreciate this addition to the miniature garden bed all year long. It will get bushier every year too. Flowers in the springtime pop-out of the fun leaves and hover on top of the pretty foliage. 

~> The Brownie variety is double-flowers in a fun burnt-orange shade. 

THE RIGHT LIGHT: These primula varieties are easy to grow but avoid hot sun and humid environments. In warmer regions, place them in light or part shade. In cooler areas, they can be grown in full sun but shelter them from the that hot sun in the summertime. 

WATERING: The hardy primrose prefers drier soil, especially in summer. Let the soil dry out almost completely in between watering sessions to avoid over-watering. Your water schedule will change from season to season so your finger is your best tool to gauge the watering. 

They are drought tolerant AFTER they are established in-ground - which means at least one year of full care. After they are established they will need a deep-watering once a week if the temps are +/- 100F. Every other week when the temperatures are in the 80s and lower 90s.  

Deer resistant. Rabbit resistant. 

  • Evergreen
  • Long blooming
  • Blooms early spring through late spring, depending where you are
  • Height is 3 to 5" tall - the flower spikes are the tallest
  • Comes back fuller each year
  • Well-drained soil
  • Let soil dry out until barely damp to avoid overwatering.
  • Drought tolerant when established
  • Full sun to light shade
  • Avoid the strong afternoon sun
  • Cold hardy zones 4 - 9 
  • Heat Zones 8 through 1
  • Comes in a 2 ⅜" pot 
  • An outdoor plant 

**Photos of the Primulas in flower are from Edelweiss Perennials. (EdelweissPerennials.com)

We recommend to print out this page for reference.


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    Barbara in TX:

    "You guys!! The little trees arrived and they look so fantastic that I had to say so! Just wonderful! Thank you!"