Blue Gem Mountain Plum Pine - Podocarpus lawrencei 'Blue Gem'

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This 'Blue Gem' is great for miniature gardens in warmer climates and especially for the southeastern States. It grows 3" to 6" per year depending upon where you are located and how long the growing season is.

It's a low and slow-growing 'baby' podocarpus that you can train to live in your mini garden or fairy garden for a few years until it grows out of it - like all plants will eventually.

Shear it back gently in the summer to encourage a second flush of colorful purple-red spring-like growth. And you can shear it back again in the fall months to get it ready for spring the following year. The colors will mature to that lovely blue-green color.

While it looks like a conifer, instead of producing cones, it produces lush, red 'Mountain Plums.' (Inedible!)

  • Lovely texture
  • Deep rich blue color
  • Slow growing
  •  An excellent bonsai subject
  • Great in containers
  • Tolerates dry conditions
  • 3” to 6” per year
  • Globe to spreading, can trim it bit to direct it’s shape
  • Zone 6 through 9, or hardy to -10F
  • Cool sun to part sun



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