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Your #1 source for miniature gardening! 
Your #1 source for miniature gardening!
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Visit America's First and Favorite Miniature Garden Center store for all your plants, parts, patios and pieces to make your miniature garden the BEST that it can be! (Hint: the enchantment is in the realism!)

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Your #1 source for miniature gardening! 
LEARN - Gardening in Miniature: The BEST Book on the Hobby! 

The bestselling book on the hobby! Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World is the most comprehensive, professionally written, photographed and designed book on the hobby, miniature gardeners are calling it "the bible of miniature gardening."

The book has been translated into German and Turkish with a Korean version in the works. 

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JOIN - The NEW Miniature Garden Society!

It's a new member's only website where you will find references, resources, ideas, projects, plant information, maintenance & pruning information, seasonal reminders, DIY ideas, inspiration and advice. PLUS a community to connect with other like-minded miniature gardeners for a whole lot of creative fun with miniature gardens! 

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Your #1 source for miniature gardening

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