Terra Cotta Planter, Made in US, Set of 2

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A sweet set of traditional terra cotta planters for your miniature garden pleasure. These pots are even big enough to grow something in! :o) Or see our Sedum Cuttings for ideas of what you can put in them here.

Not drilled but note that any type/size of terra cotta planter or pot will dry out quickly as the terra cotta clay can wick the moisture away from the plant's roots, especially if they are left out in the full sun.

Handmade from a miniaturist in California. The planters vary slightly as they are cast by hand, one at a time.

  • Very cute
  • Genuine terra cotta
  • Handmade
  • Made in the USA
    • 1 ½" in tall by 1 ¾" in diameter
    • Large size / one-inch scale but can be a "big" pot in smaller scales
    *Miniature dollhouse replicas and not a toy.