Small Miniature Garden Kit, Shipping Included!
Small Miniature Garden Kit, Shipping Included!
Small Miniature Garden Kit, Shipping Included!

Small Miniature Garden Kit, Shipping Included!

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This is a complete Miniature Garden kit with shipping included. All you need is a pot, potting soil and about an hour. Build and grow your own little spot of paradise. The instructions will come in PDF form via email. This kit comes with a tiny metal birdbath.

The plants can be grown indoors or outdoors. Everything is coordinated to look great and grow well together. The complete garden can stay together for a couple of years before you need to divide anything.

See the "Notes" below for soil & pot recommendations.

Shipping is included! Other example accessories shown in the photos are not included.

Contact us with any questions you may have.


  • 2" pot of Lemon Cypress
  • 2" pot of Baby Tears
  • Mini Patio Mix Kit
  • Small Stone Sheet
  • Medium-Sized or Half-Inch Metal Birdbath, Staked

**Instructions will come in PDF format via email.**

Indoor Placement: The plants like bright, indirect light. Please "add light" with a grow-bulb - find ones to fit into your regular lamps at your local hardware store. Do not let the soil dry completely out between watering. Pot needs a drainage hold for the excess water to escape.

Outdoor Placement: Part shade, bright shade or cool sun. This combination is hardy to about 0F or above freezing.

About the Plants

The plants are chosen to work in the same pot, or beside each other in a lightly shaded garden bed. The matching miniature bedding plants are coordinated with the tree for color, climate and texture. They can last in an 8 to 10" deep pot for up to five years. Bedding plants may need dividing after 2 to 3 years.

Lemon Cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa)

  • Indoor: likes bright indirect light
  • Indoor: keep the soil evenly damp
  • Outdoor: They are hardened off to Zone 7 (0F) and good through Zone 11 (above 40F)
  • Outdoor: Protect from freezing
  • Outdoor: Part sun or part shade
  • In colder climates treat as an annual
  • Heat Zones 12 - 7
  • Part sun to part shade
  • Growth rate dependent on placement, 3" to 6" per year
  • Shear in late winter so the new growth hides the cut marks - optional only!
  • Comes in a 2" pot

Baby Tears (Soleirolia soleirolii)

A very fun plant to grow. Can divide it right away. Perfect for outdoor miniature gardens in more mild regions or indoors.

  • Outdoor: shade/part shade
  • Outdoor: do not let soil dry out
  • Outdoor: hardy to 0F, mint is hardy to -10F
  • Indoor: bright, indirect light
  • Indoor: likes damp to moist soil
  • Indoor: likes open terrarium environments
  • Will trail down the side of pot
  • Comes in a 2" pot


  • Potting soil and pot not included
  • Use organic potting soil, without added fertilizer or polymers
  • Pot recommendation: Minimum 8" high by 8" wide, must have a drainage hole. Get one with a saucer to catch the water run-off.
  • Cannot be shipped outside the lower 48 States

Our Guarantee: Make ONE and you'll know how to make the next one quickly and easily.

Shipping by Flat-Rate Priority Mail: Shipping is included and we will fit other small items into the box where we can - and refund any excess shipping charges to you.


Fairies not included. If you build it, they will come.