Seated Buddha on Base

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 This miniature seated Buddha is very nicely detailed and perfect statue for your miniature mediation garden or miniature yoga garden.

The metal statue is mounted on a wee stone plinth to help keep it put in the mini garden bed. 

Note that religious figures can suit a variety of scales. It's helpful to get a ruler out to hold-up in your miniature garden in order to get a better judge of the proportions. This way you get a firm idea and be sure of a good fit. 

  • Nicely detailed
  • Permanent, made of metal - completely weatherproof
  • Mounted on a stone base
  • Stone base is natural, cut stone, some variances may occur in the shape and color
  • 3 ¼ " tall by 2" square
  • Can suit a variety of scales
  • Made in the USA

 Not a toy, not meant for children.

(We appreciate and serve everyone regardless of religion, race, color, gender or politics. Viva la difference! If we were all the same, the world would be a very, very boring place to live. We believe in Oneness, Kindness & Love.)