Miniature Topiary Dressmaker with Sedums

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Aw! A very pretty miniature dressmaker to add some decor to your miniature garden setting. Moss and Sedum Cuttings included!

Plant it up with Sedum Cuttings to make super-cute mini garden art for your miniature garden. You can hot-glue the cuttings in place but use a light touch as the bigger "globs" of glue may not come off the armature easily.

Dress it up however you like by using outdoor Mod Podge (or similar) and fabric or ribbons.

  • Painted metal
  • Pretty design
  • Can be spray painted easily
  • Moss and cuttings included
  • At least 4 different kinds of cuttings, 15 total
  • Dressmaker is large size, 1" scale
  • 4 ½" long, 1 ½" wide by 1" tall

See the Sedum Cuttings here.

Plants & accessories shown in the photo are not included.

*Not a toy, not meant for children.



From Cyndi in CA:

Hi, Steve and Janit!  The luxuriantly healthy plants and the rest of the makings for an outside idyll for some little being arrived about noon today.  Steve, your shipping skills far exceed even Janit's assurances.  I think I read that you could compete successfully in a Grand Olympic Packing & Shipping Competition.  Yes!  You are that good!  It was no exaggeration."