Miniature Dogs - Trained & Staked

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Who let the dogs out?

Finally a miniature dog you can call your own AND she'll stay in the garden! Yep- they are perfectly trained dogs that won't run away. No leash required! In fact, they are staked to stand and "stay!" in the garden bed. 

Metal stake is remove-able - you can take it out and put it back too. 

Dogs are painted plastic and completely weather proof! 

The sizes of the dogs vary so if you are picky about scale, get your ruler out to see if the dog is the right size for your scale. You might have to use some of the bigger breeds for a medium-scale or half-inch miniature garden - or use an even smaller scale for the Great Dane, for example.

Here are their heights for your reference. 

- Doberman - 1 ¾" tall
- Retriever - 1 ¾" tall
- Collie - 1 ¾" tall
- Great Dane - 1 ¾" tall
- Dalmatian - 1 ½" tall
- Shepherd - 1 ¾" tall
- Beagle - 1 ½" tall
- Bulldog - 1" tall
- Boxer - 1 ¾" tall
- Sheepdog  - 1 ½" tall

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*If your breed is sold out. Email us so we can let you know when they are back in stock.

**These are toys but they are staked, not meant for young children.

***Adopt from a reliable source. Boycott inhumane backyard breeders.***