Miniature Coffin with Cats, Skeleton, Bones

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A miniature coffin for you to decorate or paint any which way you want. It's unfinished wood so you can customize it to suit your miniature garden perfectly! Inside, there's a gold cloth rim and a cushion. Comes with a set of 8 handles and the teenie tiny nails to put them on. Nicely made. 

And... whatcha gonna put in it? Why a miniature skeleton, of course! He comes with an extra set of bones because you just never know when you'll need a bone to pick.

PLUS two black kitty-cats to add even more playfulness to the scene. 

  • Unfinished wood
  • Gold cloth lined with matching cushion
  • Handles with nails included, not attached
  • 7" long by 1 ½" high by 3" wide
  • Large size or 1-inch scale

Not a toy, includes very tiny parts.