Mini Halloween Cushions with Trim - Candy Corn

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Awesomely handmade just for your miniature garden! A very fun finishing touch to your Halloween-themed scene: candy corn with zero calories! They are very sweet yet sugarless! :o)

Each pillow is carefully trimmed, adding a finished quality that you'll be wishing it was full-size. 

These pillows are are not completely waterproof - the trim is glued on. (We're working on rain-proof ones!) They are stuffed with tiny beads so they can be poised and placed just so. 

  • Bring the cushions inside when you bring your full-sized ones in before it rains! 
  • Handmade
  • Fabric pillows finished with trim
  • 1 ¼" square
  • Large size, 1" scale




From Betty in KS:

I love ordering from  you and love your websites. 
I am in the process of arranging my fairy village outside
kitchen window. I love looking at it every day,
rearranging and adding things , etc.

Thanks for all the things you offer for sale especially the 
mini plants.

 YOU guys are the BEST!

Love from a fellow mini garden lover.
- Betty