Little Lattice Wooden Bench

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This little charming bench is made in the USA! The detailing is excellent but note that it is made from wood and it's tiny - so keep it away from the moisture and water in the living miniature garden. 

OR you can seal it with an outdoor sealant or paint (available at your local hardware store,) to help preserve it for outdoor use. 

Also note that - it's tiny - Lol! - it'll blow away if you're in a windy area!

The "medium size" or half-inch scale is ideal for containers 4 to 5" to about 8 to 10" wide - anything bigger the accessory looks lost, any smaller and the accessory will stick out too much.  

  • Pretty design
  • Made of wood - probably a basswood or similar
  • 2 ¾" long by 1 ¾" deep by 1 ¾" tall
  • Medium size / half-inch scale


*A miniature replica, not a toy.


From Robert in WA:
"Thanks for your careful shipping and packing.
Look forward to doing more with your company."