Cinderblock Planter, Set of 3, Custom or Plain

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Add a little more fun to your miniature garden with a custom painted set of miniature cinderblock planters. Honestly, it's the only time cinderblocks are cute! :o)

Available in Red, White & Blue, Unpainted or - got a specific color scheme in mind?

One of Janit's many talents is color matching. Send your favorite color combo via photo of the decor you want matched, a snapshot of fabric or a screen shot. We'll send you back swatches to verify if there are any questions.

Choose what color from the drop down menu! 

  • Set of three custom, hand painted miniature cinderblocks
  • 1 1 4" long x ⅝" wide & tall
  • Made in the USA

Go ahead, send a color sample via email once you place your order and she'll make it happen.