Christmas Decoration & Card Set

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Deck your miniature garden with garlands of miniature ribbon, holly, beads and more! It's time for a little holiday crafting for your miniature garden! 

This is a kit filled with fun-tastic sets of mini ribbon, metallic beaded garlands and tiny miniature holly. It comes with our exclusive set of miniature garden greeting cards PLUS a lil' DIY Noel sign that will hold your wee Christmas cards that you can make too.  

- Braid or knot the skinny ribbon to make your own decorations. (Google four-strand braids or macrame knots for more ideas.)

- Trim the individual leaves off of the holly garland to make wreaths or other tiny decorations. 

- The little Noel Sign with Christmas Card Kit needs assembling. You'll need a pair of scissors and glue. (Not waterproof) 

  • 5 different colored ribbon, ¼" wide x 10 yards long
  • 3 different colored ribbon, 3/8" wide x 10 yards long
  • 3 different colors of metallic miniature beaded garland, 9ft long
  • Holly garland is 6 feet long
  • Christmas & holiday greeting card set of 4
  • Miniature Noel Sign with Christmas Card Kit (assembly required) 

That is 12 different types of ribbon & garland, PLUS a four greeting cards PLUS a DIY kit! Happy Holidays!