NEW! Indoor/Outdoor Miniature Garden Kit

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This is a complete Miniature Garden kit. All you need is a pot, potting soil and about 2 to 3 hours - this kit can be done in one afternoon. It's very rewarding and cute too! 

Everything is coordinated to look great and grow well together. The complete garden can stay together for years before you need to divide anything. See the "Notes" below for soil & pot recommendations.

Inside This Kit: 

  • Variegated English Boxwood, Buxus sempervirens 'Variegata' 
  • Dwarf Mondo Grass, Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nana'
  • Corsican Mint, Mentha requienii
  • Pedestal Birdbath, painted resin, 2 3/4" tall by 3/4" square
  • Hanging terra cotta Pot with Sedum Rooting and Shepherd's Hook (style may vary)
  • Stone Sheet, Sea Green color (A pretty blend of greens, grays and ivory)
  • Miniature Pebbles, (Matching colors - not shown)
  • Mini Patio Mix Kit, Includes mix, sand, borders, skewers
  • Full color instructions for the Mini Patio Mix Kit, PDF
  • Miniature Garden Cheat Sheet, PDF

- PDFs will be sent via email to the email provided on the order unless specified.
- PDFs can be printed out on your printer, or saved to your computer/machine

Indoor Placement: The plants likes the brightest, indirect light that you can give it. Please use a "grow-lamp-bulb" to add light for the best success. Keep the soil at least damp and do not let the soil dry out between watering. Pot needs a drainage hold for the excess water to escape or the plants will rot. Can be moved outdoors in summer but avoid shocking the plants with any extreme temperatures changes.

Outdoor Placement: Part shade, bright shade or cool sun. This combination is hardy to about 0F or above freezing. The Boxwood is hardy to -20F. Can be moved indoors in the fall but avoid shocking the plants with any extreme temperatures changes.



About the Plants

The plants are chosen to work in the same pot, or beside each other in a lightly shaded garden bed. The matching miniature bedding plants are coordinated with the tree for color, climate and texture. They can last in an 8 to 10" deep pot for up to five years. Bedding plants may need dividing after 2 to 3 years.

Variegated English Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens 'Variegata')

The English Boxwood is a fun, reliable and low maintenance gem for miniature gardening. It is easy to grow, care for and prune. It prefers as much bright, indirect light as you can give it indoors, and outside, it prefers part shade or a cool-sun spot (eastern sun, for example.) Please use a "grow-lamp-bulb" to add light for the best success. Find grow-bulbs to fit any kind of lamp at your local hardware store. Pick up a timer for the lamp to make it easier - the plants will need at least 8 hours of light. 

The Variegated Boxwood tree is a slow-growing plant, with a growth rate at 1" to 2" per year. The plant can also be sheared into a topiary shape, pruned to keep its 'tree' look or groomed into a hedge. Deer resistant.

  • Fun, reliable and low maintenance
  • Indoor - bright, indirect light, regular water
  • Outdoor - Cold hardy zone 5 - 9, part sun/part shade
  • Outdoor - Heat hardy zone 9 - 6
  • Regular water
  • Hot afternoon sun in the summertime will burn the leaves if its in a really dry spot
  • Don’t let the soil dry out between watering sessions
  • Comes in a 4” pot
  • Growth rate is 2 to 3" per year and doesn’t mind pruning
  • Fertilize after 2 years if planted in a container


Dwarf Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nana') 

A favorite miniature grass that grows about 2" tall and slowly spreads on runners.

  • Easy care, can be indoors or outdoors.
  • Great color and texture.
  • Small, lavender colored blooms turn to blue berries if it's happy
  • Outdoor: part shade/full shade
  • Indoor: bright indirect light
  • Cold hardy to zones 7 - 10
  • Heat hardy to zones 12 - 1
  • Regular water let soil dry out to damp between watering
  • Comes in a 4" pot 


Corsican Mint (Mentha requienii)

A solid flat mat of tiny rounded leaves. The leaves smell like mint when the are gently rubbed. 

Give this plant good drainage, part shade or dappled shade with evenly damp soil and it will spread its loveliness gently through the miniature garden.

As far as my experience the only relation to regular mint plants is its name. It's not invasive nor as tough as the edible mint plants in the full-size garden but can invade if left to grow - which sometimes is just perfect in the miniature garden. It's not edible. 

Can be grown indoors with bright indirect light and regular water. Let the soil dry out in between watering sessions to avoid overwatering. 

  • a tight, thick mat of rounded leaves
  • growth rate is less than 1"/yr
  • cold hardy to -10F or zones 6 to 9
  • heat zones 9 to 6
  • shade to part shade
  • can be grown indoors
  • regular water
  • fertilize after 2 years if planted in a container
  • comes in a 4” pot



    • Want a different color of bench, stone sheet or pebbles? Leave us a note or email us after you order!
    • Potting soil and pot not included 
    • Use regular potting soil, without added fertilizer or polymers
    • Pot recommendation: Minimum 8" high by 8" wide, must have a drainage hole. Get one with a saucer to catch the water run-off.

    Our Guarantee: Make ONE and you'll know how to make the next one quickly and easily.

    Can only be shipped to the lower 48 States and Alaska. We are registered with the USDA. 




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