Valentines: I Heart You Mini Garden Art

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A perfect way to say Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Galentine's Day or "I love you!" in the miniature garden. A glittery heart springs up from a pedestal in the smallest yet most profound way - it literally comes from the heart.

Makes a great gift when it's included in a miniature garden: you'll be remembered every time they see it.

A truly unique gift - only made here at our studio.  

  • Sparkly heart is on a "spring" and can be adjusted.
  • Nice, traditional detailing on the pedestal
  • Painted resin
  • Staked on a rod to stay put in the garden bed
  • Heart isn't waterproof but it's held-up and withstands the weather
  • Heart is styrofoam coated with glitter
  • Heart can be removed and replaced with something whimsical or meaningful
  • Large size / one-inch scale
  • About 3 ¾" tall by ⅞" square

Not a toy, not meant for children. 

Other accessories and plants shown in the photo are not included.