Fairy Garden Bark Mulch

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Fairy Garden Bark Mulch for the discerning fairy gardener! Small-sized bark chunks not only help keep the garden in scale, it won't bury your plants like the bulky, regular-sized bark mulch does.

Ideal for in-ground gardens. For container fairy gardens, please see our Mini Garden Mulch here.

HOW TO USE: Use bark mulch to help keep down the weeds in your garden and to retain moisture in the soil. Spread an even layer of bark mulch on the bare soil but be sure not to bury the crowns. The crown is the base of the plant, where the stem joins the root. Some plants are pickier about this than others.

ABOUT WATERING: You'll have to move aside the bark mulch to test the water-content of the soil for the first month or so, until you get a good idea of how much water is getting to your plant's roots. 

  • 5 x 7" bag
  • About ¾ lb
  • Covers over 85 square inches.
  • Comes with tips and instructions on how to prep your established miniature garden before you mulch. 

** If you are a gardener or have access to a gardener, this is just sifted bark mulch (so you can make your own.)**