Fairy Garden Bed Kit

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A fairy garden bed kit with sedum cuttings and soil for you to plant and grow. This garden bed will last for many seasons - the planting will last to the middle or end of next summer!

Sedum cuttings will root, grow and flower. You'll be able to pull-apart the plants and replant the bed to start the process again!

  • Nicely detailed
  • Painted metal bed
  • Custom burlap bottom ideal for growing live plants
  • 6" long by 6" tall by 5" wide

Sedum cuttings don't mind dry soil and love to live in the sun. They will eventually root and then push out new growth and flower.

You will receive:
  • A selection of 24 cuttings of at least 6 different kinds of Sedum plants
  • We have more varieties than what is shown in the photos are available, we'll choose what cuttings will work the best at the time of picking.
  • A small bag of potting soil

  • Approximately 1/2" to 2" long, depending up on the plant
  • Chosen specifically for miniature gardening
  • All are outdoor plants
  • Will survive indoors for a limited time on a sunny windowsill
  • Let dry out completely between watering sessions

How to pot:
- Fill bed with the potting soil
- Create your design as you like

- Trim stem length to fit
- Leave at least 1/2" stem length to go into the soil
- Trim bottom leaves off any part that will be below the soil level

- Cuttings will be ready to root when you get them
- Let dry out between watering but not for too long!

*Print this page for reference!

*This is a scaled miniature product and not a toy.

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