Display Box - Medium

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These acrylic display boxes are perfect to show off your latest miniature masterpiece when it's not being used in your miniature garden. You can still appreciate your artwork and keep it dust-free and safe.

You can use it with the lid on the top or I like to use it with the lid on the bottom, with my miniature-object tacked to the lid with a dab of hot glue so it can be snapped-off gently if needed. Either way, the lid isn't too obvious because it's so thin. 

This medium-sized crystal-clear box is 2.32" square by 3.07" tall. 

Shipping Note: Please note that this box may have to ship separately from our plant and stone products in order to keep it scratch-free during shipping. It's so lightweight, however, NO additional shipping will be needed but it may come separately from the rest of your order.

Box Quantities: 10 per box for $19.99 + shipping. Email Us.

Accessories and objects shown in the boxes in the photographs are not included.