Bulk Workshop Patio Kit

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Use this kit for your miniature garden party, workshop, or to make multiple gifts or centerpieces. SHIPPING INCLUDED!

This kit includes full color instructions for the Mini Patio Mix Kit, our How-To booklet and our Miniature Garden Cheat Sheet to get you started gardening in miniature.

This kit is ideal for 16 people to do an 8” x 4” x 1” deep patio each, approximately. This calculation/estimate includes the stones. You can make the patios smaller or larger, of course.

- The matching loose pebbles are to create paths through the garden bed or use them to create another patio if you like. 

- To use the micro pebbles with the Mix, gently push the stones into the Mix, then mist.

- Border material will come in one length, not cut up as shown. Price includes shipping.

- The Mini Patio Mix also works with glass, marble, tile, coins, brick or use it plain for a concrete look. 

This kit includes:

  • 3 full stone sheets^, our choice unless specified, all types may not be in stock at all times:
    • Ivory
    • Sea Green
    • Mother Earth
    • Chocolate Chip
    • Tequila Sunrise
    • Terra Cotta Flagstone
    • Gray Flagstone
    • Coral Shell
  • 6 x 1/2 lb bags of matching stones, our choice unless specified, all types may not be in stock at all times:
    • Ivory
    • Sea Green
    • Micro Sea Green
    • Mother Earth
    • Montana Red
  • 8 ft border material, uncut!
  • 24 Skewers
  • 14 lbs Mini Patio Mix
  • 3 lbs sand
  • Mini Patio Mix Book
  • Miniature Garden Cheat Sheet
  • Includes shipping via Priority Mail

^ = Stone sheets are meant to be temporary. if you use them in your garden without "locking them in" with the Mini Patio Mix Kit, the glue will eventually deteriorate and the stone sheet will fall apart.

* Does not include the miniature garden example shown in the photo. 

* Price includes shipping via Priority Mail for the continental USA. Please email for shipping alternatives for out of country orders.