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The sweetest gift you can give is a miniature garden made by you.

Our COVID-19 Response

Thank You! - We would like to THANK EVERYONE ON OUR FRONT LINES throughout the world. A heartfelt thank you to all the nurses, doctors, healthcare workers & first responders who are STILL bearing the brunt of this pandemic. 

For all military and first responders, you'll find a 15% discount in your cart after you provide your GovX ID.

Please stay safe. Be smart. Protect the children and get vaccinated. - Janit and Steve

Who Are We? We've Been Building and Growing the Hobby, Since 2001.

We are a micro-business. We are not sponsored by anyone. You'll notice no outside advertising on any of our website. We can't compete with any big box store, online or offline.

What we can offer is something truly and completely different than ANY other business in the entire universe - because we ARE different - just like YOU. 

We can't afford to offer you free shipping - and we won't raise our prices to "fit that in" either - BUT if we can save you money on postage with our clever packing skills, we certainly will indeed. 

Our customers love our customer service, our enthusiasm for the hobby, our compassion for our fellow mini gardeners, as well as our care and attention to detail when shipping your miniature garden trees, plants and miniatures.

It's simple really: we treat you how we would want to be treated. 

After over 20 years, we still remain the leaders in the hobby. We're still growing, building, sharing and connecting with you, since 2001.

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