Shimpaku Chinese Juniper - Pre Bonsai Windswept - Juniperus chinensis 'Shimpaku'

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This tree has been groomed for "pre-bonsai" but you can plant it like a regular miniature garden tree and still enjoy it. Keep the bottom of the trunk clear of any new growth and trim away any new, wayward top shoots as you see them. As it grows, you can train the branches gradually, to make a nice little tree that will stay small with a bit of trimming throughout the growing season. 

A perfect, hardly little tree for railroad gardens too. 

The Shimpaku Juniper is prized by Bonsai artists for its peeling bark and perfect for the miniature garden. Easy grower and very hardy. Great in-ground or in containers.

**We do not trim nor train these trees here at our nursery, we sell them as they come from our grower. ALL trees are a little bit different from each other in how they grow. The trees shown in the photos are typical examples and have not been pruned.**

  • Shaped by
  • Spreading, upright in shape
  • 3" to 6" per year
  • Cold hardy zones 3-9 or t -30F
  • Heat hardy zones 9-1
  • Full sun
  • Let soil dry out to barely damp in between watering sessions to avoid over-watering
  • Pot is 4" in diameter



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