Dwarf Kenilworth Ivy - Cymbalaria aequitriloba

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Dwarf Kenilworth Ivy is the perfect miniature garden plant with tiny lavender-colored flowers that resemble miniature snapdragons. The green mat of leaves creep along the ground and root, creating a dense mat that can be stepped on or grown in between pavers. 

Also known as ivy-leaved toadflax, coliseum ivy, Oxford ivy, mother of thousands, pennywort and wandering sailor. Who would have thunk such a tiny plant as having so many names?

Flowers June through July - photo to come! 

  • Spreads slowly outward 
  • Long blooming pink flowers in the middle of winter
  • Lavender flowers with yellow throats
  • Flowers June through July
  • Cold zones 4 through 8 
  • Heat Zones 8 through 5 
  • Well-drained soil
  • Full sun to part sun
  • Comes in a 4" pot 
  • An outdoor plant 


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