Alpine Water Fern - Blechnum penna-marina

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An excellent fern for the miniature garden that is stays small (short,) adds texture and very low maintenance. The new growth in the spring is upright and red, adding charm and color to the miniature scene.

Limited supply.

Also known as the Alpine Water Fern but it will not grow in water nor in overly wet soil - it was named for growing along creek edges. 

In-ground: The Alpine Water Fern can get invasive in-ground after several years. Prune and pull the runner/roots back in spring when you see them spread into the other plants. Larger colonies of the fern can be shovel-pruned. 

In Containers: Better behaved in containers. Plants will spread into other parts of the garden after about 3 years of living in a container. Pull the roots and prune back the leaves where you don't want them to grow. 

  • Deep green color
  • Lovely serrated edges
  • Evergreen, clip away deteriorating branches in early spring
  • Spreads slowly at first, may invade after a few years
  • If invading: prune judiciously in the spring or whenever you see them
  • Transplant clumps in fall or early spring
  • Mature height is 3 to 6 inches
  • Hardy to zones 5 through 10
  • Part or full shade, dappled shade
  • Keep soil well drained but evenly moist, do not let it dry out completely
  • Comes in a 4" pot

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