Tiny Lemon Cypress - Cupressus macrocarpa - Set of 2

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Also known as Wilma Goldcrest, Monterey, Lemon Cypress, the Cupressus macrocarpa has a wonderful color to add a blast of color to your miniature garden. Otherwise know as a lemon cypress because the branches smell like lemon when rubbed gently. 

It's a great conifer for indoors, or outdoors in the summer and you can move it indoors for the winter. This tree needs really bright indirect light - add light to any indoor setting with grow light-bulbs that can fit in your regular lamps.

It's perfect for temperate and warmer climates to keep outside all year long. Keep the soil wrung-sponge damp.


  • Indoor: needs bright indirect light and keep the soil evenly damp 
  • Outdoor: They are hardened off to Zone 7 (0F) and good through Zone 11 (above 40F)
  • In colder climates treat as an annual, or bring indoors for the winter
  • Cold hardy zones 7 through 11, or hardy to 0F
  • Heat zone 12 - 7 
  • Part sun / cool sun to part shade outdoors
  • Bright indirect light indoors
  • Regular water, do not let the soil dry out completely
  • Growth rate dependent on placement, 3" to 10" per year depending where it lives
  • Prune in late winter so the new growth will hide the cut marks
  • Set of 2 in 2" pots

*The pot in the fairy garden photo is 8 inches wide.*

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From Treina in FL:

I got my order and have been constantly amazed.  It was packed tightly and securely and as soon as I let it breathe, so to speak, it began to spread and loosen up and show life.  It's a joy to watch. Thank you so much.  It more than met my expectations, it surpassed anything I thought I could get for that price.  
We'll do business again.