Simple Creative Ways to Make Awesome Meditation Gardens, 1.0 - PDF eBook

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Another installment of our new eBook series from, Yours Truly, the author of the bestselling Gardening in Miniature books!

**This is a digital download eBook, you can print it out after you download it. It is not physical book.**

Meditation gardens include:

  • prayer gardens,
  • yoga gardens,
  • peace gardens,
  • memorial gardens,
  • gratitude gardens and
  • altar gardens.

In this ebook, I introduce you the differences between these many types of gardens as well as walk you through what to do to create your own meditation garden.

Full of photos of the different gardens for your inspiration and encouragement!

Perfect for people looking to get into gardening and for the hobby-gardener looking for more ways to enjoy growing gardens.

We are excited to introduce our New Ways to Grow series. Straightforward, no-nonsense advice delivered in a nutshell to help get you growing in no time!


 **Miniature Garden Society Members can download it for free on the website. They are categorized under the Main Menu.**