Mini Christmas Noel Card Holder with Trellis

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Deck your miniature garden with a little holiday crafting for your miniature garden! Includes a staked cedar trellis so you have a place to hang it on. 

A fun-tastic lil' DIY kit that you can make for your miniature garden or dollhouse garden that will hold your wee miniature Christmas cards. CUTE! Note that the wee cards are NOT waterproof.

Made in the USA! The cedar trellis comes from New York. The Noel Card Holder Set comes from California.

This Kit Contains:

  • Miniature Noel Sign with Christmas Card Kit (assembly required) 
  • Miniature Cedar Trellis is staked on a rod to hold upright in the garden bed.
  • Trellis is 6" high not including the stakes & 2" wide by 1/2" thick
  • Large size or 1" scale.

Not meant for young children.