TINY Ellwood's Empire Cypress - Chamaecyparis lawsoniana - Set of 2

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TWO tiny little cypress trees! PERFECT for the miniature gardener in their 2" pots - the trees are only 6" tall on average. 

The Ellwood's Empire is a golden-green color compare to the regular Ellwood. Very cheerful and charming. 

Limited quantity. Not always available at all times! 

The Lawson Cypress can be grown indoors or outdoors. Note that some websites say it can't be grown indoors, but other websites say it can. I've always considered it a conifer that can be grown both ways so it's especially valuable to a miniature gardener, because it's one of the few indoor trees that can look like a full-sized garden tree in miniature. You can also grow this outside in the summer and bring it inside for the winter - see the details below for proper placement.

Slow growing. Perfect for containers and can do well in-ground as an informal hedge in miniature. Keep the soil evenly moist, especially indoors. 

Growing Indoors: 

Indoors, provide this lil' conifer the brightest indoor light that you can - NOT direct sun - the sun will scorch the leaves and probably dry out the soil way too fast and too often. You can get indirect sun by hanging a sheer curtain in the window to filter the light, or keep the pot at least 2 feet from a direct-sun window.

If you don't have enough light, find a "grow-bulb" for any kind of lamp from your local hardware store or online. Put it on a timer to make sure it gets at least 6 hours of bright light in the winter - the extra light will help your mood too. 

AND provide a cool spot for it to grow. Keep it away from any draughts, radiators, heat vents or your kitchen environment where it can get hot for extended amount of time, especially over the holiday months - it makes the cutest lil' Christmas tree. 
  • Bright indirect light
  • Regular water, damp soil to the touch
  • Less water in winter, more in the summer


Growing Outdoors:

Outdoors this tree is a little trouper! It can handle freezing temperatures but keep your eye on it because it's so small - any major snowfall may bend it out of shape or break the branches. As it grows up, it will turn into a majestic cypress - in miniature. Low maintenance when planted in-ground. In a pot, don't let the soil dry out completely. 

  • Cool, full sun to bright part shade
  • Zone 5 - 9, hardy to -20 F
  • Heat zones 9 - 5 
  • Regular water
  • Well draining soil
  • If in a pot, let dry out to barely damp in between to avoid over watering 
  • Shelter the pot from the extreme hot sun in late afternoon in the summer 


  • Shear in early spring if needed to make it stay bushy or to keep it in check
  • TWO trees in the set, in 2” pots



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