Mini Garden Compost Mulch

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Miniature compost mulch for the miniature garden! Perfect for any type of mini garden or fairy garden. Here's more:

As your miniature garden ages, the soil starts to get compacted and look a bit old. By using a layer of miniature mulch it will refreshen the look of your miniature garden beds and may add a "wee" boast to your soil too. 

  • 5 x 7" bag
  • About 1 lb
  • Covers over 85 square inches, about ½" deep
How to Use: Prep your established miniature garden before you mulch by poking a stick or similar down into the soil all around each plant. This will re-aerate the soil and allow some air to the plant's roots.
If the top of the soil is crusty, take a fork or a gloved-hand and crumble it up again to allow the water to flow through again, instead of around.
THEN put a nice layer of compost on the wee garden bed. It's helpful to do this when the garden bed is dry. Water gently or give it a good misting to situate the compost and wash-off the leaves of the plants. 
Print this page out for reference if needed.

    ** If you are a gardener or have access to a gardener, this is sifted "premium bark mulch" (so you can make your own.)**