Cobblestone Patio Kit, Shipping Included

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For Your Miniature Garden Workshop or Fairy Garden Party! 

What? ~> Use this complete cobblestone miniature patio mix kit to create a custom patio or pathway right in your miniature or fairy garden. This is a bulk kit for your party, workshop, to make multiple gifts or your own centerpieces for your next big gathering. 

How? ~> It's easy to use and you can build it right in your container or in the garden bed. Make patios of any shape or size. Create winding paths through your fairy garden. 

How Long Will It Take To Do? ~> The Mini Patio Mix takes only minutes to install right in the miniature garden and goes together dry, so you have time to make it perfect before you "lock" your design in permanently.

How Big Can You Make It? ~> You can create patios and pathways of any size. This kit is ideal for 6 large sized miniature gardens, or 6 patios of 8” long x 4” wide x 3/4” deep. You can make the patios smaller, or bigger, customize it for whatever you're doing!

What Else? ~> This Mini Patio Mix can also work with tile, marble, glass, brick and just about anything else you can think of to make patios with in your miniature or fairy gardens.


- 10 lbs Mini Patio Mix
- 2.5 lbs of miniature sand
- 6 lbs of polished Montana Red Stone
- 6 linear feet border, uncut!
- 18 Skewers


  • Full color instructions for the Mini Patio Mix Kit, PDF
  • Miniature Garden Cheat Sheet, PDF

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