Halloween Mini Garden Set PLUS DIY Fun

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This fun set will help get you started with your Halloween decorating for your miniature garden or fairy garden. You can build a new garden with it or add it to an existing mini garden quickly and easily.

The fence comes with stakes to hold it up in the garden bed. The bench is NOT staked so you can put it anywhere.

Just in time for Halloween!

Here's the list of what is included. It's large size or 1-inch scale.

  • Gray curved bench 
  • Metal Rustic fence, 9", with stakes (not shown)
  • Metal Birdbath, staked 
  • Pumpkins, 2 staked, 1 single 
  • Spider yard art, staked 2 
  • Tombstone, staked, styles vary slightly
  • Halloween Spider Web Banner PDF in 3 different scales, sent via email

Not meant for young children.