Jacqueline Hillier Elm ~ Ulmus minor 'Jacqueline Hillier'

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A very cool miniature garden tree! In life-sized gardens, this wee one is called a shrub, but with a trunk like that, she fits our purposes perfectly as a miniature tree with leaves that are completely in scale too!

Deciduous: The leaves on the Jacqueline Hillier Elm will turn a golden color in the fall, drop its leaves to show its wonderful armature for the winter months. They are just starting to flush out with the spring growth now - March 29, 2019.

Trim away bottom branches to shape it into a tree-form. Deciduous, leaves will drop in the fall. Faster-growing in the ground.

Watch for scale in the spring, just pluck them off with some gloved hands, scrap it off gently with a knife, or get the kids to do it. Treat the spot with a Q-Tip or cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

FEBRUARY - 2020 - Trees are just starting to bud and wake up for spring. 

  • Leaves are to scale
  • Trees are about 4" to 5" tall right now
  • Will grow into a broad canopy
  • A popular Bonsai subject
  • Faster-growing when planted in-ground
  • Full sun to part sun
  • Regular water
  • Grows 2-4" per year
  • Can be pruned easily when dormant to slow down the growth even more 
  • Upright broad shape
  • Hardy Zones 5 to 7 or -20F 
  • Heat zones 7 - 5
  • An outdoor plant 

Note: This is a deciduous plant. It will lose its leaves in the fall and come back in the spring when the weather warms up. An outdoor plant.



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