Fairy Plant: Mountain Frost White Twinkle Cheddar Pinks - White Dianthus

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Such a big name for a little plant. Lol! If you've been fairy gardening for awhile, you've probably come across the 'Cheddar Pinks.' While I'm not sure what they actually have to do with cheese, the plants are wonderful and easy to grow. (I kid, they are native to the Cheddar Gorge in England. :o)

The Dianthus gradually form a mound of blue-green leaves and the flowers tend to form a mound of flowers on top of the foliage. Long blooming too. You'll see flowers from June through October but they are even budding and blooming in winter, in our zone 9.

Hardy to -30F or Zone 4,  they can handle the hot summer sun and, you can let them go dry in between watering sessions. They are pretty tough - and pretty too. :o)

  • Leaves are a fun texture and color
  • Mounding habit, up to 12" across after a couple of years
  • LONG BLOOMING flowers! From June thru October
  • Pretty white flowers with magenta centers
  • Zone 4 - 8 or hardy to -30F
  • Heat zones 8 - 1
  • Full sun, at least 6 hours of direct sun. 
  • Let the soil dry out in between watering sessions
  • An outdoor plant
  • Comes in a 4" pot