Baby Hens and Chicks Starts - Sempervivum tectorum

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Baby Hens and Chicks Starts for your miniature gardening pleasure! You will receive a set of 10 baby Hens and Chicks starts. They are not rooted but will root!

They get their name from the way they grow: The plant will root, then grow a bit bigger and produce small babies (chicks) that can be plucked from their mother (hen) and rooted elsewhere. Once the adult plant flowers, it will die and leave the little chicks to carry on the legacy. It usually takes a few years though since you are starting with just a wee chick.

More Info:
- Pink flowers in the summer on the adult plants
- The baby will grow into an adult plant with proper care
- May take several seasons to grow into an adult plant

- An outdoor plant
- Let dry out completely between watering sessions
- Full sun
- Cold Zones 4 thru 8, hardy to -25F
- Heat Zones 8 thru 1

- If leaves are reaching, or get leggy, it needs more light
- If the leaves are shriveled, water more often
- If the leaves are puffy and swollen, back off on the watering

How to pot:
- Place bottom-side down on the soil (the leaves point upward.)
- Use a skewer to move potting soil around the stems so there is soil contact on all sides if you need to.
- Leave it be.
- Let dry out between watering but not for too long between sessions.



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