Miniature Garden Plier & Cutter Tools, Set of 3

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A nice set of handy tools for your miniature garden toolbox. The three-piece set consists of long-nose pliers, side cutter pliers and round nose pliers that is a 3 in 1 tool as well. 

  • Long-nose pliers have smooth jaws that won't damage or ding the item or wire
  • Side cutter pliers can cut wire up to 1/16" of an inch (14g or 1.6mm)
  • Round-nosed pliers have a cutter and a straightener built in
  • Sturdy handles are comfortable in the hand
  • Handles are a bright pink color to stand out on the bench or in the garden
  • Spring-loaded handles work like a charm
  • A nice set 

**As with all tools, if you use them for purposes beyond what they are meant for, you may compromise the tool. Keep the cutters sharp by not forcing them to cut material beyond 1/16" or 14 guage. 

Not a toy, not meant for children.