Millennial Gaia, Earth Goddess Sculpture

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Oh My! We are SO glad to have the lovely Earth Goddess for our miniature gardens! Talk about a perfect fit, this is it! 

Check out the photos, as well as being beautiful, the sculpture is FULL of meaningful details from the tropical and evergreen forests on each arm, to the tree of life running through her braided hair representing the double helix of DNA. More details are throughout the different parts of the piece. 

There is a very informative leaflet included with each piece that explains the origins and all the little details, as well as a bibliography for further study. 

She's awesome. Perfect for the fairy garden too! 

  • Very nicely detailed
  • Painted resin 
  • 4" tall by 3" wide by 2 ½" deep
  • Large size, 1" scale - but can be a "big" sculpture for the tinier scales

*Not for young children, not a toy.