Mini Beach Garden Set, Small

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Take a seat. Feel the sand in your toes. Smell that ocean air... and... breathe... now, isn't that better? Imagine having the ability to do that at anytime? Waitaminute, now you can!! 

Cuteness!! Turn your miniature garden into a mini beach garden or use it for a tiny scene in a tray or terrarium!

This set comes with an umbrella chair to offer some shade from the sun. Superfine sand, a set of small driftwood logs and a small bag of tiny shells just add to more fun.

Also included is a sheet of landscape cloth, border and skewers so you can "install" a sand-patio area to mimic a beach - right in your existing miniature garden!

The cloth keeps the sand from mixing into the soil when you water your garden. Use the border to separate the garden bed from the sand area to keep everything nice and neat so it will last much longer and give you plenty of time to enjoy your miniature beach vacation. The cloth will also help you reclaim the sand if you want to change it. 

  • Lounge chair is made of painted metal
  • The seat is cloth
  • 1 ¼" wide by 2" tall by 1 ½" deep
  • Driftwood is hand-picked, dry and clean, 4 pcs
  • The superfine sand is perfectly soft and clean, ½ lb
  • The tiny seashells come in a variety of colors and shapes, about 20 pcs
  • Landscape cloth, 8" x 9"
  • Border with skewers, 1 foot

*This is a scaled miniature product and intended for adult use only.