Mini Willow Baskets, Set of 4

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"A tisket and tasket, a tiny mini basket..." Okay we changed the words a bit to that song - just a little. :o)  These mini willow baskets are the real thing. VERY handy to have around the miniature garden to help with your chores or for decoration. Super cute too.

They can be easily painted - make it easy by making a wash with whatever paint you are using so the paint will get into the crevices. (A 'wash' is a diluted paint - dilute with water if its water-based paint, or solvent if it's oil-based. We love to use acrylic paint, it's water-based, easy to clean-up and weatherproof.)

  • A set of four tiny baskets
  • Four different styles
  • Smaller baskets are about 1" wide and by 1" tall (without the handles)
  • Larger, rectangular basket is 2" long by 1" tall

Reshape them by soaking them in water for an hour or so. Then make sure you hold the shape in place with elastics or similar, while the willow dries.