Ye Olde Fashioned Mini Bucket, Small

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This little garden pail reminds me of the antique galvanized buckets that we love so much in our full sized gardens. It's a sturdy bucket that will help you with your wee garden chores.

The handle is moveable too. 

This can work for large sized (1" scale) gardens or medium-sized (½" scale) gardens depending upon how you use them. The come in many sizes in the full-sized world! 

  • Metal
  • Weatherproof, waterproof, sunproof, :o)
  • Bucket is ¾" tall, with the handle it's 1 ½" tall
  • Diameter - OD - 1 ⅛" wide
  • Large OR Medium size 

*This is a scaled miniature product, not a toy.