eBook: How to Create A Miniature Garden, Version 2.1

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Exclusively from the world-renown expert miniature gardener and author of the bestselling Gardening in Miniature books that have become the primers for the hobby. 

This update has combined our printed booklet, our old PDF, and information previously published through our newsletter, to give you a solid introduction into this wonderful new hobby. The information is different than what's in the Gardening in Miniature book too.

This ebook includes information on:

  • Creating long lasting gardens in containers or in the garden bed
  • What kind of plants to use
  • About soil and fertilizers
  • Miniature garden design ideas
  • Lists of starting points
  • Miniature plants and trees that work
  • About the sizes and scales
  • How to make different kinds of patios and pathways that can last for years
  • Care and maintenance tips
  • 32 pages!
  • Full color photos throughout
  • Table of Contents
  • Index of Resources

These instructions can be easily adapted for fairy gardens, for creating scenes in terrariums and dish gardens of any size just by inter-changing the plants, containers and accessories used.

This pdf also includes the instructions for building a miniature garden in a pot that will last, and building a custom patio with our Mini Patio Mix Kit, a durable, permanent solution for paths and patios that will not wash away when you water your miniature garden!

The Mini Patio Mix is sold separately here.

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