Welcome to Your NEW Miniature Garden Center!

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Yay! It's a store we can be proud of!! Come on in, fellow miniature gardener, and enjoy your new Miniature Garden Center!

Here are just a few features that we're looking forward to bragging about:

- Bigger photos that are in focus on any phone or tablet.

- Cleaner store so you can really see the products.

- You can register with our store - or shop as a guest!

- If you do register and create an account, it keeps your order history and current order status, as well as all your info to make future ordering fast and easy! (You know how some of the gems go fast!)

- Order on any phone or tablet or computer!

- Get tracking for your order!

Just look for those three little bars in the upper left-hand corner on ANY PAGE to get to the menu. Click the plus sign + next to 'Catalog' to see all our departments!

How to use your miniature garden center store

We're also looking forward to doing more for you, like showing you how our products and accessories can be used in different ways, how to customize them to suit your individual decor, and the best and easiest ways to keep them maintained so the stay out of the landfill and in your garden!

We'll also be showing you a lot more plant insight - how the trees look after several years of growth, pruning & planting advice and easy maintenance tips to keep you creating instead of maintaining!

Now, dig in and have fun! There's more coming too...



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