Take a Sneak Peek inside the Miniature Garden Society Website!

Posted by Janit Calvo on

It's a lot more than just miniature gardening! Here is a sneak peek inside the Miniature Garden Society member's only website. This is just a snap-shot of what is going on because there is more to come as we grow together! 

Check it out. I've got some sneak peeks into the forum too. Enjoy!


 Interested in joining us and hundreds of other like-minded miniature gardeners? Click in here to find out more of what this Society all about. Scroll down to the bottom to get click into the registration page.

For a little more than $6 per month, (billed annually,) you can stay connected to your favorite hobby, meet other miniature gardeners and spend more time creating because you'll have me, Janit Calvo, to help answer any questions you may have about gardening in miniature!  Click in here to find out more !

The Miniature Garden Society


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