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At Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center we specialize in realistic miniature gardening. What started out as a product test at a Seattle street market in November of 2001 has grown into a major trend for the garden, gift, craft and miniature industries, creating brand new department and categories for major manufacturers and distributors across the US and the world. Two Green Thumbs is proud to be on the leading end of this new hobby of gardening in miniature!

Elf Dwarf Spruce, before and after! Our focus has always been two-fold. One is on the plants and trees that are easy to grow and maintain. Plants that can be grown in pots or right in the garden bed, from small 4" containers to huge 20-foot long scenes planted in-ground. We strongly encourage the golden garden rule of "right plant, right place" because it’s just easier to garden when you focus on the plant's needs, instead of trying to force Mother Nature to do something different. 

But, here at TwoGreenThumbs.com, we are much different in what we look for in our plants and trees that we sell. When we are looking for the "right plants" for miniature gardening, they need to look like a "big" trees and plants in miniature. You won't find us promoting rooted branches, young herb starts, tiny pots of baby plants nor do we carry a plant just because it has a whimsical name. If it doesn't fit the scale of the miniature garden as the plant grows up, we simply don't carry it.

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We want you to be a successful miniature gardener so we are not going to sell you plants just because we can. We are not going to set you up for disappointment and let you plant a miniature garden that will grow way too big within one season. We are here to help you grow your own world.

Our other focus is on the realistic garden miniatures. We don't dabble in any otherMiniature Garden Accessories whimsical themes simply because when you combine the in-scale miniatures with our miniature garden plants, that is where the enchantment is. Period. And who doesn't love to be enchanted or delighted?

We gravitate to renewable or sustainable accessories and patio materials too. We prefer our miniature gardens to age slowly and gracefully which means that our accessories must do the same. Most of our miniatures either look great as they age, or they can be updated with a little painting.

All our patio materials are all natural stone, our exclusive Mini Patio Mix Kit is also environmentally friendly, and it ages very well in the living miniature garden just like a full-size patio does.

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